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Face Transplant Surgery

Plastic Surgery can be a very entrepreneurial specialty, and sometimes, that can be a good thing.  Such is the case of a recent reconstructive surgery you may have heard about, the first Face Transplant in the U.S.  I found the story both fascinating as a plastic surgeon, but also very touching as a human being.  If you haven’t read about this amazing story of a Fort Worth man who suffered from a severe electrical burn deformity to his face. Interestingly, this complex surgery was paid for by the U.S Military in hopes to learn from the process in order to help soldiers with severe facial wounds.

Another One Bites The Dust

As you know, I try to keep “abreast” of the current plastic surgery literature and trends. So when I read a recent article from my Plastic Surgery society’s news publication, I did a double take!  I tell my potential and current silicone gel breast implant patients that to this point in time, there has still been no cause-effect relationship established between silicone implants and disease processes. But as you will read in this link, that doesn’t pertain to snakes and silicone gel implants.  I would have expected this report in the National Inquirer…unbelievable.

Stem Cells and Breast Reconstruction

Stem cell research seems to be a very hot topic, even in the Plastic Surgery arena.  Stem cells, in combination with one’s own fat and a growth factor, have been used to grow new breast tissue, suggesting a possible way for use in breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery.  Research is still very early – there are no clinical trials yet in progress – and the critics raise concerns if the process could re-stimulate cancer cells.  But the concept is certainly interesting.  Click on this link for a CBS News report about this research that recently aired.