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Xeomin, the New Competition to BOTOX Cosmetic???

Xeomin is a recently FDA approved injectable neurotoxin/muscle relaxant used for treatment of wrinkles that is regarded as the new competitor to BOTOX® Cosmetic. Those physicians in the U.S using it in clinical trials and those physicians in Europe/South America who have years of experience injecting it, have reported that it is very similar to BOTOX® Cosmetic….opinions are that it may start working sooner than BOTOX® Cosmetic, but may not last as long.  The “unit to unit” dosing comparison is the same, and the “rumor” is that Xeomin may be less expensive…but the economic market being what it is, I assume that Allergan, the distributor of BOTOX® Cosmetic, will promote competitive pricing. I’ll keep you posted!  The following is a local TV news report about Xeomin, but it may be biased, and I promise to keep you upadated with the latest non-biased information from my specialty societies when I receive it!