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What to Expect

Dr. Rasmussen’s registered trademark is “For a Woman’s Touch in Plastic Surgery®” This is based on her work philosophy and office motto, “An educated patient is a happy patient!” This is reflected in her and her staff’s commitment to provide exceptional, individualized care to improve the health and well being of her patients, both reconstructive and cosmetic.

When you call Dr. Rasmussen’s office to schedule your initial appointment, you will be asked several questions – please do not be offended. Our individualized approach to your care has already begun! The office team needs to know your concerns so that you can be better served.

When you arrive for your appointment, expect a “face to face” consultation with Dr. Rasmussen, not an assistant. The visit with the doctor generally lasts for one hour. We recognize your time is valuable – appointments are carefully scheduled so that you will not be kept waiting. However, we do advise that you allow for additional time to permit for the processing of necessary forms.

During your first visit with the doctor, she will evaluate your concern or medical problem, review your medical history, examine the appropriate body area, discuss the diagnosis, and recommend options for treatment. The goals, anticipated outcome and limitations, potential risks or side effects, and expected recuperation will also be discussed. Generally, no definitive treatment is performed during this consult, but it is a time to provide information and answer any questions you may have. A loved one is encouraged to be present. If surgical treatment is decided upon, scheduling of surgery will be arranged and preoperative instructions will be given. If you are seeing Dr. Rasmussen for a cosmetic consultation, you may view educational video tapes during your first visit. She does not expect you to schedule surgery at the time of the consult – rather, she prefers that you take time to consider your options and then return for a second visit, should you decide to proceed with the surgery. Second opinions are encouraged to allow you to make the decision that’s right for you.

While it may be “distasteful” to discuss the financial aspect of Dr. Rasmussen’s services, it is better to know what to expect in advance so that there are no “surprises”.

A consultation fee is generally charged and payment is expected at the time the services are rendered. Dr. Rasmussen does not participate in any health plans. If you are being seen for a medical consult, we will assist you in filing for reimbursement from your insurance, as permitted by your policy. If you are having a cosmetic consult, your payment will be applied toward your surgery. At the time of your consult, an estimate will be provided. When appropriate, we will attempt to obtain insurance prior approval. In all cases, whether your surgery is medically indicated or cosmetic, a pre-surgical deposit, no less than 50% of the estimate, is required at the time surgery is scheduled. $200 of this deposit is a non-refundable administrative fee. The remainder of the balance is due in full 14 days prior to surgery. The surgical fee is non-refundable if surgery is canceled within 7 days of the surgery. If insurance is filed and payment received, the difference will be reimbursed to the patient. We do offer financing through CareCredit® which provides convenient No Interest or Low Interest Payment Plans.