Castle Connolly “Top Doctors” Recognition

I am honored to be selected, once again, as a Castle Connolly “Top Doctors” in Plastic Surgery for 2013. Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. is a health care research and information company recognized for their established survey and research process.  Their team of researchers follow a rigorous screening process of doctors’ educational and professional experience to make selections.  Doctors do not and cannot pay to be selected and profiled as “Top Doctors”. This is my fourth consecutive year for this selection and I am humbled to be recognized.

Avoiding the “Three F’s” – Fake, Filled and Frozen

Those of you who know my Plastic Surgery philosophy and expertise are aware I tend to be  ”conservative”… less is generally best.  I avoid making my patients look “Fake, (over)Filled, or Frozen(too much BOTOX®).  This article about how to avoid “the 3 F’s” written by Project Beauty, a good resource about cosmetic procedures for the non-professional sponsored by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, one of my specialty societies, eloquently discusses the problems with “over treatment”.  BOTOX® and injectable fillers were originally used by Plastic Surgeons as  non-invasive procedures to create “the Liquid Facelift”.  But too much of a good thing has resulted in unnatural appearances, ranging from “the zombie”, to ”balloon cheeks”, ”monkey” or “duck” lips, and other strange looks.  To read the article, click on this link

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Plastic Surgery Is Not Something To Bargain Shop For

What happens when beauty bargains go wrong? Plastic Surgery is NOT the thing to bargain shop for because you may get alot more than you bargained for!

In “Dying to be Beautiful: Beauty Trends That Can Prove Lethal”, Katie Couric examines what happens when beauty bargains go wrong during her daytime talk show “Katie” which recently aired. A few patients who have suffered severe disfigurement from undergoing plastic surgery from non board-certified plastic surgeons were profiled.

As an extension of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons public education campaign efforts “Do Your Homework”, Immediate Past President of my specialty society, Malcolm Z. Roth, M.D., F.A.C.S. appeared on “Katie”. Dr. Roth talked about the importance of choosing a board certified plastic surgeon.  Click on this link to view

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wishing You and your Family good Health and Happiness this Holiday Season! And may the World be filled with Peace, Love and Prosperity! Don’t forget to make your New Year’s Resolution to be a better You, and if that means a little help from your favorite Plastic Surgeon, I would be  honored to assist you in that endeavor!

Look Your Best This Holiday And In 2013!

It’s the Holidays…that time of year when you want to look your best! We offer a variety of Aesthetician Services that can provide you that “radiant skin” for the Holiday Season and into the New Year. One of the more effective skin treatments with growing national popularity is the VI Peel™, now offered at a reduced price as a Holiday Promotion!

The VI Peel™ reverses the effects of sun damage by reducing age spots, freckles and pigmentation irregularities.  It also softens fine lines and wrinkles; and it is highly effective in clearing acne.  The VI Peel™ is painless and takes only a few minutes to apply.  In about 3 to 5 days there is noticeable skin peeling, but by the 7th day, most patients report an obvious improvement to tone, texture and clarity of the skin, and diminished uneven pigmentation.  In some cases, a series of the VI Peel™ may be recommended to achieve optimal results, and maintenance can be achieved with treatments every 3 to 6 months.

While the VI Peel™ is more expensive than traditional aesthetician peels, it is a less expensive alternative to deeper resurfacing procedures. I like to call it a “poor man’s FRAXEL™”, especially when used in a series of treatments!  And for the Holidays and New Year, our office is having a promotion for significant savings…if not for you, consider a gift certificate for someone you care about!  Contact us via email or call 561-833-6688 for more information.  Click on the following link to hear an NBC affiliate news report about the VI Peel™  And for more detailed information and a patient demonstration, follow this link (note, the patient is not mine on this demo….I do not inject lips this big!)

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!


Put On Your Pink Bra

In recognition of October as Breast Cancer Awareness month,  the American Cancer Society is hosting the annual “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” fundraising event. Locally, it includes a walk along the Intracoastal Waterway in Downtown West Palm Beach on Saturday, October 13th. Last year, the themed event was ”Put On Your Pink Bra” and  because it was so successful, it continues to be the theme this year. I have been a team captain of  “Rasmussen’s Rum Runners” for many years, and would love for you to either participate on my team, or donate to my team. Please go to the link below for more information.  And if you want more information about how I incentivize my team members, contact me via my website or Facebook page, and I’ll email you specifics.  I hope to see your name on my list of team members/donors!


Plastic Surgery For Your Pet?

Just when I think I have heard it all, one of my specialty societies, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), posts an article today about Plastic Surgery for your pet.  Now any of you who know me personally know I am an animal lover, and many have said they would like to come back in a second life as my dog (yep, I am known to spoil my dogs)…..but is this taking the specialty a bit too far?   Decide for yourself:

Women Will Try The Craziest Things

A link to an article in a recent weekly Plastic Surgery newsletter I read caught my attention : “ Women Will Try the Craziest Things”.  It was written by Dr. Semira Bayati, a female board certified Plastic Surgeon who practices in Newport Beach, California.  What she wrote mirrors my practice philosophy and ethics, and rather than paraphrasing her eloquent words, please read


I Will Provide Plastic Surgery Services At Auskell Medical Clinic, Abacos, Bahamas May 17th

I am pleased to announce that I have obtained my medical license from the Bahamian Medical Council and a temporary work permit from the Bahamian Immigrations in order for me to provide basic Plastic Surgery services on an occasional basis at the Auskell Medical Clinic, Marsh Harbour, Abacos, Bahamas . My first day is scheduled for Thursday, May 17th. Because I have to provide my own supplies and equipment, it is imperative that anyone interested in being evaluated by me on that date make an appointment ahead of time.  This can be done through the Clinic (242) 367-0200 or through my office via website (, phone (561) 833-6688 or fax (561) 655-3609.  For more information about my credentials and services that may be provided on site, click on this link  Jana K. Rasmussen M.D., F.A.C.S Coming to Auskell Medical Clinic May 17th.


Is Appearance Linked to Job Security?

Does beauty and/or a youthful appearance play a role in securing and/or maintaining employment ….and if so, does this pertain to  men and/or women ?  Within the past 24 hours, I read one article supporting that comment for women,  ”Young Women Contemplate Plastic Surgery to Keep Their Edge in the Corporate World” ( , and another article for men, “Plastic Surgery – It’s a Guy Thing, Too“  (,0,3215972.story).

In the case of women, instead of the women’s lib movement of the 1970′s, when women fought to take the focus away from their appearance and on to their achievements, the women of the Millennium or Me Generation (those born between 1980-1999) have no second thoughts about using superficial qualities to climb the corporate ladder. Reportedly, the major down side of this thought process is aging.  Now the Me Generation, in their low to mid 30′s, are in competition with Generation  Z (women in their 20′s), so to keep their competitive edge, they are turning to non-surgical plastic surgical treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and skin resurfacing procedures (peels, FRAXEL™).

In the case of men, statistics have demonstrated a dramatic increase in Plastic Surgery, up 121% from 1997 to 2011. The overall trend has been attributed to aging, but more specifically, in the past 3 to 4 years, it has been linked to the declining economy….the job market requires men to look more youthful to maintain that competitive edge. Those procedures  performed most frequently by men to appear younger are lipoplasty (liposuction, body contouring) and blepharoplasty (eyelid lift).

These articles reflect concepts that most of us perceive to be true, whether right or wrong. We all hope that, in the real world, we are judged, not by our looks, but by our character, or in the work place, by our work ethics and accomplishments.