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Before and After Photos

Up until recently, I have not had before and after photos posted on this website as many other surgeons do. The reason was very simple. Although I am extremely proud of the work that I perform, it is inappropriate for prospective patients who have not yet been evaluated to view pictures and assume they will get similar results. During a consultation, I may show you pre and post operative photos of patients that have similar facial or body features like yours. This will assist in providing more realistic expectations. In addition, some physicians have a propensity to show only their best photos, which is unfair to you, and this further promotes unrealistic expectations.

In addition, while I certainly hope this does not occur, in this modern day of digital photography, “enhancing” photos may take place which further promotes unrealistic expectations. Therefore, I chose to take pre and post operative photographs with 35mm film so you can be assured they are not “doctored” in any way.

Finally, there is the issue of patient privacy. Patients upon whom I perform a significant procedure sign a consent agreeing to have photographs taken. These patients may or may not permit me to show their photographs to other patients in consultation or to display them on my website for whatever personal or privacy reasons. These wishes must be respected, as you may want your privacy respected too, should you choose to have a procedure.

Most recently, I have been working with a consulting agency that stresses the importance of having
“B & A” photos on my website. Although this goes against every grain of my sense of integrity, I have ultimately agreed to do so, but with a strict set of parameters. I have started the process of reviewing hundreds and hundreds of patient B & A photos. Presently, the photos of some breast procedures are now published on the website. I chose to select only a few of some of the procedures that are reflective of my results. As you will see, I included a brief “history” of the patient and discussion of the procedure as it relates to the patient so the results can be more fully understood. Because many patients have chosen for personal reasons not to give written permission for website publication, this selection process has been tedious. Please check the website from time to time to follow my progress on other procedures.