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Labor Day…the Unofficial End of Summer?

Labor Day marks the “unofficial end of summer” for many.  But for others, it is the conceptual beginning of  “the new year”,  not just the new season.  For kids, it’s the beginning of the school year, an opportunity to start fresh, whether to improve their grades from the previous year or to make new friends.  They prepare by getting a new hairstyle or fresh haircut, and buying new clothes…things that make them “feel better about themselves”.  For working adults, this time may lend  the opportunity to be more productive at work or improve sales.  For mothers, now with the kids back in school, it may afford them the time to pay attention to things they have been meaning to do, but had put on the back burner, perhaps resuming their exercise program, or to start  “spring cleaning” projects that somehow never got done in the spring. 

The school kids want to “look good” so they “feel better” about themselves at the beginning of the new school year; presumably this boosts their self esteem, and perhaps allows them to perform better. What does the “unofficial end of summer” mean to you?  Perhaps, like the school kids, it provides us the opportunity to “feel better” about ourselves.  Looking better can certainly make us “feel better”, and there are many ways to look better that don’t break the bank, especially important during these economically challenged times. 

Things as simple as a new haircut/style/color, or a tweak in one’s makeup, perhaps even permanent makeup, and updating our wardrobe are some examples.  Certainly a good skin care regimen can make us look better to help restore our skin’s tone and texture, help reduce the photo-aging effects from the summer’s sun, including uneven pigmentation or fine wrinkles.  This can be achieved as simply as using a physician’s strength glycolic acid skin care product and/or retinol like products, or having facials, peels or microdermabrasion. And even more noticeable to make  us look better are the conservative use of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments such as BOTOX Cosmetic to treat the dynamic wrinkles, and injectable fillers such as Juvederm to soften the static wrinkles or fill the areas which indicate aging, such as the downturned lip corners or pre-jowl grooves.

All of these are simple yet inexpensive ways to improve our outward appearance to give us a “psychological boost”…to give us a fresh start to “the new year”.  May your “new year”  be happy, healthy, and properous!

P.S.  I am one of those who don’t believe Labor Day is the “end of the  summer”….I’d like to think that summer doesn’t really end until Daylight Savings Time changes!