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New Year Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We are well into January 2011…so how are you doing with your New Year resolutions?  Nearly every one resolves to do something to better themselves, whether it be to lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking, work harder and play less, or work less and play harder.  Regardless, they are resolutions to make you feel better about yourself in some way.  And typically, when you feel better about yourself, this “inner sense of accomplishment or pride” is reflected in an “outward beauty” as well.  So, are all of these resolutions considered to be in the name of “vanity”?  Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, either non-invasive or invasive procedures, have sometimes been labeled as “vanity procedures”… but really, aren’t they just a means to have our outward appearance reflect our inner “youthful” attitudes toward life?

Vanity is defined as “excessive pride”, but is it “excessive pride” to want to look as good as we feel?  What’s the difference between getting a stylish haircut, highlighting or coloring your hair, purchasing clothing that flatters your body shape, and Plastic Surgery… besides the price tag?  Why not look as good as we feel?  An individual’s outward appearance and their decision to improve it is a personal choice that others should not judge.  If one chooses either non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as BOTOX® or injectable fillers or surgical enhancement such as an eyelid lift, then we should be supportive of their choice.  Conversely, society shouldn’t dictate that we conform to what is perceived as an “aesthetic appearance”.  Most importantly, while any of these results from  New Year resolutions or physical changes from cosmetic procedures may produce a “psychological boost”, they will not “change your life”.  They may, however, give you the impetus or opportunity for you to initiate change, if you so choose. 

Plastic Surgery Thought for January:  Vanity is not necessarily a bad thing!