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Plastic Surgery Medical Tourism

Plastic Surgery medical tourism is becoming more frequent.  In South Florida, I  hear of patients going to Costa Rico or other places outside of the United States for “cheaper” procedures.  Unfortunately, not infrequently, this can result in complications with which the patients find themselves facing the dilemma: who will treat the complication?  Typically, it is the local plastic surgeons who take on that responsibility, but not without cost to the patients.  I assume most Plastic Surgeons have a policy similar to mine, i.e., in the unlikely event that a post operative complication requires treatment, or when a result deemed unsatisfactory by both the patient and surgeon requires revision, surgical fees (not facility or anesthesia) are waived.  Patients who have their plastic surgery performed out of the country don’t benefit from this professional commitment to exceptional individualized care by their foreign surgeons.  The link below is an interesting example of Plastic Surgery medical tourism gone wrong in China.  Once again, the lesson learned is “cheaper is not always better“… or in other words, “you get what you pay for”.