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Latisse™ (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%) is the only prescription drug for the treatment of hypotrichosis, the medical term for having inadequate or not enough eyelashes. The topical use of this prescription helps eyelashes to grow longer, thicker, and darker, and it is the only FDA approved drug on the market for this indication. It was discovered by the manufacturer of Latisse™ that the stronger concentration eye drops they market for the treatment of glaucoma had the side effect of patients having to trim their eyelashes because they grew so long. Latisse™ is a weaker concentration of those same eye drops that is applied to the base of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid skin at bedtime. Initial growth may be visible within 4 to 8 weeks, maximum growth is noted by 16 weeks. Unfortunately, continued topical use is required to maintain the effect.

An absolute contraindication is a history of abnormal intraocular pressure. Side effects may occur including darkening of the eyelid skin. Although not reported in clinical studies of Latisse™, use may also cause an increased pigmentation at the juncture of the colored and white parts of the eye, more noticeable in people with light colored eyes.

During a consultation, Dr. Rasmussen takes a thorough eye/eyelid history and exam and discusses all aspects of Latisse™ to access if it is an option for her patients. She is licensed to distribute the drug in the office for those who are good candidates.