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Avoiding the “Three F’s” – Fake, Filled and Frozen

Those of you who know my Plastic Surgery philosophy and expertise are aware I tend to be  “conservative”… less is generally best.  I avoid making my patients look “Fake, (over)Filled, or Frozen(too much BOTOX®).  This article about how to avoid “the 3 F’s” written by Project Beauty, a good resource about cosmetic procedures for the non-professional sponsored by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, one of my specialty societies, eloquently discusses the problems with “over treatment”.  BOTOX® and injectable fillers were originally used by Plastic Surgeons as  non-invasive procedures to create “the Liquid Facelift”.  But too much of a good thing has resulted in unnatural appearances, ranging from “the zombie”, to “balloon cheeks”, “monkey” or “duck” lips, and other strange looks. 

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