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Happy New Year! Have You Tried The Crab Walk?

Happy New Year!  With the New Year comes our Resolutions to improve something about us, often a commitment to healthier eating habits (hate that word “diet”) and an active lifestyle (hate that word “exercise”). For the women out there reading this, many of us want to improve the appearance of  one of our most “unaesthetic” body areas…our butts and thighs. But there may be help that is non-surgical!  I have worked with an Image Consultant, Susan Bigsby ( who has helped many of my patients with improving their “style”, including hair, makeup, clothing and accessories.  But for the New Year, she has made a recommendation for an exercise for the lower body that can help you look better in those stylish clothes!  This recommendation is based on her personal experience which she has permitted me to share with you.  In Susan’s own words:

“I’ve struggled with too much junk in my trunk and thighs that rub together my whole life.  Last year, I was watching the “Today Show” and they featured an exercise that I now call “The Crab Walk.”  I’ve exercised for 30 years and have had personal trainers.  NOTHING has ever improved my lower body like this.  I’ve lost four (4) inches off my hips and now wear a size 2 pant or straight skirt!  Never before in my life!  I show it to all my clients, so now I’d like all of you to benefit too!  The video (in the You Tube link below)….was taken on my iPhone, so the audio is very low…I hope you get it!”  If you can’t hear the instructions well, written instructions are below.

Instructions how to do “The Crab Walk”:

Do a wide, low plie – as wide and as low as you can get.  Next, take 8 steps forward and 8 steps back – low and slow.  Do this 5 times – anywhere, anytime.  Susan does this 4 to 5 times a week.  And remember, consistency is the key to the success of any exercise program.  I intend to start the “Crab Walk” today!  How about you?  And perhaps you will reshape your lower body and won’t even need to contemplate liposuction as an alternative!  Again, Have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!!