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Just When You Thought You’ve Heard of Everything…..

Just when I thought I had heard of everything, I recently heard about a website promoting free breast implants (and financial assistance for breast augmentation).  Having recently posted on the topic of  entrepreneurship in plastic surgery, I believe this website is a classic example of “going too far”.

The website serves as an “online community”.  A woman who has a “strong desire to enhance her physical appearance through cosmetic surgery” signs up and posts photographs and a plea for financial assistance for the costs of surgery. She stipulates the “type of contacts” she is willing to do to establish a relationship with the “Benefactor”  in exchange for financial assistance.  The Benefactor is a male member of the website who “wishes to help these women improve their self esteem and confidience through cosmetic surgery”.  In most cases, requests are made by the website member/Benefactor for photos of the prospective patient wearing certain types of clothing (or no clothing), but in some cases, requests are made for on-line chats or in-person interviews.

At best, this borders on pornography (giving strange men pictures of oneself in revealing clothing for financial gain), and at worst, it’s prostitution (a situation in which a woman may be financially indebted to a man who insists on meeting her to get a return on his investment).

In addition, anything posted on the internet is “out there” in cyberspace forever.  Imagine a young woman in her early 20’s who may have opted to use this website to finance her surgery 10 or 20 years from now….would she like those revealing photos to be accessible (to a significant other, a prospective employer, or perhaps even voters/constituents)? 

I believe this website is exploitation of women (and entrepreneurship) at its very worst!   A prospective breast augmentation patient should save her money until she can afford the procedure and protect her privacy and dignity!