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Lifestyle Lift No Longer Lighting Up Your Life……. Or Your Face

Nationwide cosmetic surgery chain Lifestyle Lift apparently has closed at least 40% of its clinics and may file for bankruptcy.  The corporation treats plastic surgery more like a commodity…the model is based on selling trademarked cosmetic procedures to physicians in return for patient referrals, marketing, and training.  They claim to offer less invasive, cheaper facelifts and a shorter recovery. “Real” Plastic Surgeons do similar procedures, but call them “mini-facelifts”.  Because “real” plastic surgeons have extensive training, their results are usually better with less scarring and longer lasting. This is just another example that “Cheaper is not always better!” See more information on the following links:

From Plastic Surgery SmartBrief (03/10/15):  Fast Face-Lift Firm Closes Clinics

Nationwide cosmetic surgery chain Lifestyle Lift has shuttered clinics and might file for bankruptcy. Office staff at a North Carolina clinic that closed said they are working for free to ensure patients get necessary follow-up care. WCNC-TV (Charlotte, N.C.) (3/5), WWSB-TV (Sarasota, Fla.) (3/6)