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Xeomin Sales Restricted By Court Order

I last entered a post about “Xeomin, the New Competition to BOTOX®”.  Since then, I had been trying to gain information about availabilty for  use in my practice, but my Merz representative always seemed to avoid providing details. Recently, she confessed there was a “glitch” with the company that was restricting her from detailing/selling the product yet.  It was just released what this “glitch” was.  Apparently the product is not in question, but rather the manner in which it was developed and marketed….a California Judge has ordered that Xeomin be restricted from sale for 10 months due to violation of the Trade Secrets Act.  This prevents Merz from major promotion of Xeomin at the annual ASAPS meeting this Spring and the annual ASPS meeting this Fall.  It is unfortunate that lack of ethics of a corporation has limited patient availability of a potentially competitive product for wrinkle treatment . For more information, see this link