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Glycolic Acid

For many years, leading scientists have been studying glycolic acid, and currently, many leading physicians are dispensing glycolic acid to patients because of the tremendous benefits associated with the its use.

Glycolic acid, because of its small molecular size, has the greatest penetration potential of all the alpha hydroxy acids. Specifically, studies show that glycolic acid helps to loosen or break up the thick outer horny layer of the skin (stratum corneum) where excessive build-up of dead skin cells can be associated with many common skin conditions. Simply put, it enhances the exfoliation rate of the skin to improve tone and texture of the skin, reduce photoaging including fine wrinkles and pigmentation changes, and improve acne prone skin. This loosening or breaking up of the outer skin leads to a sloughing of dead skin cells and prevents build-up from recurring. This results in a dramatic smoothing of the skin with a finer texture, a healthier youthful glow with increased hydration and softness, and a lessening of fine wrinkles.

Glycolic acid also penetrates into the sebaceous follicle where the buildup of dead cells is primarily responsible for the acne process. When the substances blocking the follicle are eliminated by the deep cleansing action of glycolic acid, acne prone skin can be effectively controlled.

The important thing to remember is that most of the problems that respond to glycolic acid have one thing in common: an abnormal build-up of dead cells. Whether it occurs in the follicle with regard to acne prone skin , or as corneycyte cohesion in dry aged thickened skin , or hyperpigmentation or a number of other conditions, these problems are all associated with the build-up of dead cells. Glycolic acid works because it enhances the exfoliation rate of skin thereby loosening or breaking up the build-up of dead cells associated with many skin concerns.

The glycolic acid product line Dr. Rasmussen prefers has a significantly higher concentration than any “over the counter” glycolic acid product, and there by attains significantly better results. In addition,
Dr. Rasmussen’s glycolic acid product line is considerably more affordable than those purchased at the cosmetic counter. Twice daily use is recommended.