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Permanent Makeup

Intradermal pigmentation, or permanent makeup, is a state-of-the-art technique which has been medically proven and designed to be completely safe. Many women realize the positive results of permanent makeup for cosmetic reasons, such as permanent eyeliner, eye brows, and lip liner or color. And for those women who have allergies due to cosmetics, contact lens sensitivities, visual impairments, or unsteady hands, they, too, derive benefits from permanent makeup. Postmastectomy reconstructive patients may also have “tattoos” for areola restoration. Men, as well as women, benefit from permanent makeup for scar camouflage and hair loss due to chemotherapy.

Permanent makeup is performed in Dr. Rasmussen’s office by a licenced/certified intradermal pigmentation artist, specially trained in color selection, the application of topical anesthetics, intradermal pigmentation techniques, and, of course, sterility and safety.