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Notes of Appreciation

The greatest compliment I can receive by a patient is a referral of a friend or family member. However, when a patient writes me a note expressing how their experience with me and my staff has been a positive influence in their life, I feel blessed. Every patient is different – each patient has his or her own motivation for desiring a procedure, and those reasons are as unique as each individual patient. When a patient sends a thank you note or gift, it reinforces my belief that practicing medicine does make a difference, not only in the patient’s life, but in mine as well.

Below are a few notes of appreciation. Names have been removed in order to provide for anonymity.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been seven weeks since my surgery. I wish I could tell you what a difference you’ve made in the way I feel about myself. I often wonder why I didn’t do this before now and then I remember-if I had, it would have been at the hands of another surgeon, and I’m convinced that no one else was meant to perform my surgery. I’ve always believed that there are no coincidences-that everything falls into place as it should-and this situation only confirms the validity of that belief. It’s so odd. I’ve talked about this surgery for years, but for some reason, I didn’t actively search for someone to do it. Other circumstances in my life always seemed to take priority and to push it to the background to be revisited at a later date. Then suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere a chain of events began to unfold that resulted in my finding you and having this surgery-all within a 30 day period! It just felt right from the very beginning and everything about your thorough, holistic approach did nothing but support my conviction. Although I did experience some apprehension just before the surgery, I never wavered in my confidence that I was led to you and that you were the one to see me through this experience. Of course, now that the results are beginning to show, there’s no doubt in my mind that my intuition was right. The superior quality of your work is evident even to a layperson like me. I truly appreciate your careful attention to detail and considering what you had to work with; I don’t think the outcome could have been any more perfect. I can’t thank you enough for doing such a beautiful job. You’ve given me (and countless others, I’m sure) a wonderful gift by alleviating much of my self-consciousness and restoring my self-confidence. Thank you again for making my experience so positive. I look forward to continuing our relationship for many years.

The words, “thank you”, are not enough to express my appreciation for the time you spent with me yesterday during our “consultation”. Needless to say I’ve been through many “consultations” and after 10 minutes and $100 -$150, I left with the same knowledge I came in with! I’m very happy to start with a good skin care regimen– never had one before because of conflicting advice re “use this for rosacea and not that”, etc. This time I think I’ll work my way up the ladder instead of plunging “down” the ladder to see at what level I will be comfortable with myself. I know that if I do opt for ____ I have found the doctor I trust to do the job. Thanks again so much and God bless.

I am so happy with the results of my surgery; my husband can not believe how quickly I recovered. When I look in the mirror I am in awe at how great my stomach looks. After the birth of my two children I never thought I would get my shape back. I worked out for years but still the disappointment of not being able to get my abs back in shape took a toll on my self esteem. Now that I look and feel like I did before the birth of my beautiful children I am even more inspired to continue with my work out. You and your staff were so thorough and understanding I should have sent you flowers not the other way around!

Thanks so much for the colorful floral arrangement. They brightened each day as a I came downstairs. Please accept my deepest appreciation for the skill, care and compassion you demonstrated during the consults, pre-visits and surgical procedure. My thanks to you and the members of your staff for making this experience a positive one. I look forward to the continued association.