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Out Of Town Patients

Although most of our patients are from South Florida, Dr. Rasmussen has a clientele from all over the United States, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Her office is located a 15 minute drive from Palm Beach International Airport, and there are multiple accommodations in the surrounding area to fit anyone’s budget, ranging from the Breakers, to the Hilton Kravis, to the Courtyard Marriott. For those concerned about the initial days following surgery, we also partner with the Harbor House Resort, a recently expanded 5 Star Post-Operative Resort Care Services facility.

While some physicians offer a “virtual consultation”, Dr. Rasmussen believes it is in the patient’s best interest to schedule a personal “face to face” consultation and evaluation. For patient’s requesting noninvasive procedures, the consultation may be followed immediately by the procedure, such as injectable fillers or Botox®, assuming that one’s medical history does not reveal a contraindication to the procedure, or that appropriate pre-procedural instructions have been followed by the patient. If surgery is the ultimate intention, consultation may be done at the patient’s convenience – many arrange the consult during a trip months before the intended surgical date. In some cases, this may be “streamlined” and the patient may come for the consult, anticipating surgery within days afterwards. This usually applies to “straight forward surgeries” in healthy patients. This consult serves as the pre-op appointment as well. In most cases when a consult has already been performed in advance, a pre-op visit is then scheduled just a few days before the surgery, assuming necessary studies and clearance have been previously obtained by their local doctor.

Scheduling surgery as an “out of town” patient is basically no different than if the patient was from South Florida. A deposit is submitted to secure the date of surgery. The pre-op visit with Dr. Rasmussen is usually scheduled a day or 2 before surgery instead of a week or two. During this pre-op visit all necessary pre-op studies and clearance obtained by the patient at Dr. Rasmussen’s request will be reviewed. In addition, the surgical plan and post-op recuperation are reviewed, an informed consent obtained, and photographs are taken. Perioperative prescriptions are also given.

Surgery is typically outpatient, but Dr. Rasmussen does require some surgical patients to stay overnight at the facility. If a patient’s surgery is “out patient”, but the individual is “concerned” about staying at a hotel, arrangements can be made for either overnight stay in the facility, overnight stay at Harbor House, or a private duty nurse skilled in plastic surgery recovery to stay overnight with the patient.

Dr. Rasmussen does not like to “cut and run”. Unlike going to Costa Rica or other foreign countries who have cut-rate fees for plastic surgery and who discharge the patient to the United States within days, Dr. Rasmussen will not let a surgical patient “go home” unless she is sure it is in the best interest and safety of the patient. Length of stay depends on the type of procedure performed, the ability of the patient to travel, and a variety of factors that are fully discussed during the initial consultation. Remember, if one has a problem when out of town, it is impossible to have the patient “drop in” to take a quick look, and one may need referral to a surgeon in their immediate location. Patients from the Abacos may be able to be seen by Dr. Rasmussen on the island if she is scheduled for a trip during their anticipated follow-up.